TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Fandoms I’m No Longer In

Before I get started on this Top 5 Wednesday (something that’s going to become routine, by the way), I need to share some special news. Well, it’s probably not special to anyone but my boss, Jen, and I, but…



Listen, y’all. I normally avoid het romance like the dang plague. But Jen has talked this up to me so much that she made me shake like a nervous chihuahua waiting to get my hands on it. It’s about an aspiring web designer (Dimple) whose Indian parents have arranged her to meet Rishi, a respectable Indian boy they want her to marry. Dimple cringes at the idea of an arranged marriage, but Rishi is very into the idea of the tradition, and when his parents tell him he’s going to the same web developers’ camp as Dimple, with the intent of courting her, he’s excited as heck. The only problem is, while he knows their parents’ intent here, Dimple doesn’t until they meet.

POC romances are the only het I’ll read (hence why I enjoyed Everything, Everything), since it often seems to avoid the tropes that annoy me most about cishet romance, and this sounds cute as heck. So I’m extremely excited to start reading it. I’m strongly considering disappearing to the bathroom at work for ten minutes to read. They’ll think I’m pooping, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

ANYWAY. Yes. Top 5 Wednesday.


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I’ve been in a lot of fandoms in my life. You may call me a veteran fandom-er at this point, because honestly I feel like I’ve gone through every stage of teenage fangirlism that exists, and finally landed on the island of adult fangirls, where we live with less drama, more humor, and a lot weirder smut.

But there are some fandoms I’ve left and never looked back on. Some of them I just left because the show or books weren’t doing it for me anymore. Some I left because the fandom was negative or annoying or going somewhere I didn’t like. Some of them I still like the source material, but the fandom itself ran out of material to use for fics, art, etc, and got swallowed by fanon. Either way, no matter how you look at it, Star Wars has taken my life hostage and all my other fandoms are sitting outside on the welcome mat in the rain wondering when I’ll feed them. But that rabbit hole is another story for another day.

Anyway, let’s get started!

1. Anime/Manga in general.

This is the one that honestly makes me the most bitter, and that’s because there are still a lot of great anime and manga out there to be watched and read. Some of them I do still enjoy (like Yuri! On Ice, or Franken Fran, or every Junji Ito manga ever). But I don’t go to cons or cosplay anymore for several reasons.

  1. Cosplay and cons are expensive. I haven’t the talent for sewing or the money to make up for it, and in order to do good cosplays, you have to have one or the other. I know cosplay isn’t a necessity when it comes to going to cons, but for me personally it’s not very fun if I’m not and everyone else around me is.
  2. I don’t really enjoy any of the activities that happen at cons. Most of the voice actors are people I’ve never heard of, since I don’t watch a ton of anime anymore, I’m not really into just sitting down and gaming with people I don’t know. Formals aren’t really fun for me. And I definitely can’t go to raves. So that leaves cosplaying and shopping for things, both of which are quite expensive. I will say, though, I may go to a con in the future just to sell in Artist Alley. Maybe.
  3. This may be the one that loses people, but a lot of the older fans at anime conventions just plain creep me out. There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as watching a 40 year old man in a trilby ask an underage girl in cosplay for a photo and a hug. A lot of anime, I think, encourages the infantilization of women and girls, which attracts people I really would rather not spend time around. I didn’t really understand when I was younger why it made me so uncomfortable, but now that I’m older, and on the outside looking in, it gets a little weird.

2. Marvel

Okay, let me first say that there are some Marvel movies I still enjoy watching. I love Guardians of the Galaxy, I love Deadpool, and I’m gonna watch Thor: Ragnarok because it has Jeff Goldblum in it. But god am I tired of them pulling all these random male heroes out of their ass (Ant-Man? Seriously? Did anyone actually want a movie about Ant-Man?) while vehemently avoiding making any movies about women. Black Widow has been here for six movies now (including the unreleased Avengers: Infinity War): that’s more than Thor, more than Captain America (not including cameos). In fact, the only one that has her beat is Tony Stark. And yet there’s barely even talk of a solo movie for her. Pardon my language, but that’s fucked up. Let’s combine that with the fact that there’s not a single person of color in the Avengers, and every person of color with the exception of Nick Fury is a supporting character (Speaking of which, where’s my Nick Fury movie? That’d be badass). And there’s not a woman of color to be found. There could have been, if they hadn’t made Scarlet Witch and her brother white as toothpaste.

Meanwhile, DC has Suicide Squad, the most diverse superhero movie I’ve ever seen. They’ve got Wonder Woman, which even before its release (at the time of writing this entry) is a gigantic success and is raking in the good reviews. Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, by the way. Add a Hawaiian Aquaman, the promise of a Gotham City Sirens movie driven by Margot Robbie, and Amanda Waller, who quite frankly could kick Nick Fury in the balls and make him thank her for it.

3. Doctor Who

This one has a pettier reason for why I left it, although there are legitimate reasons, too. I know everyone loves to complain about Moffat’s writing and handling of the show, but honestly, there were episodes of the Twelfth Doctor’s run that I really loved (at least, the ones I watched with Clara still around). Plus, Moffat brought us Jenny and Vastra, one of my favorite femslash ships of all time. So honestly, his writing wasn’t the dealbreaker for me. I disliked Rose a lot more than I disliked Amy and Clara (though Martha will always be my number one). Again, a few reasons why I don’t really participate in the fandom anymore:

  1. As mentioned above, I didn’t like Rose Tyler as a companion. I love Billie Piper (I adored her in Penny Dreadful) but Rose just ground my gears, for whatever reason. And the fandom is completely obsessed with Rose, particularly TenRose as a ship, which I also couldn’t stand. And while I absolutely love Martha and Donna, you can’t go anywhere in the fandom without people fawning over Rose, which ended up being something I didn’t particularly want to listen to for the rest of my life.
  2. In relation, the fandom’s treatment of Martha absolutely disgusts me. Yeah, there’s a corner of the fandom that loves her as much as I do, but so many took all their frustration at Rose leaving out on her. Martha was just in love with the Doctor as Rose was, but somehow with Rose it was sweet and with Martha it was aggravating? How does that work? Martha, in my opinion, was the smartest, most capable of all the Doctor’s companions, and she saved his ass more than once. Not only that, but she grew up to be an amazingly successful and respectable woman, and I love her.
  3. And, the most petty reason of all, it was my ex boyfriend who introduced me to Doctor Who and Torchwood, so every time I think about it, I throw up in my mouth a little bit. NEXT!

4. Glee

God, do I even need to talk about this one? Is there anyone who was still in the fandom when Glee ended? It was something that started out as a great concept but slowly turned into every week watching the screen like a car accident was in progress. I have so many questions. Why did Ryan Murphy constantly capitalize on real life tragedy (A school shooting episode? Really?)? Why did Rachel get engaged to Finn in high school? Why didn’t Rachel know that Cats went off Broadway in the 90s? Why do people constantly throw perfectly good slushies in each other’s faces? Why did the only neurodivergent character get killed off? WHY DID ONE OF THE ONLY GAY CHARACTERS ATTEMPT SUICIDE? Why wasn’t Jeff Goldblum in more episodes? Why did this show last six seasons? Why can’t Ryan Murphy stick to American Horror Story, a show that is expected to be weird and fucked up? WHY?

5. Pacific Rim

This is an example of ones that I still love to death, but the fandom just lost me. I’m not a fan of any fandom that lets fanon take over when they run out of material, and that’s exactly what Pacific Rim did. Man, I don’t wanna brag, but I used to be queen of the Pacific Rim fandom on Tumblr. I got 5k followers from that fandom alone. I was on top of the world for like 5 months. But then we all gradually realized we were running out of aspects of the movie (and one novelization, and one graphic novel) to tear apart and look at under microscopes, so people started making AUs. Fine, right? Well, sure, except those AUs got out of control pretty fast. A lot of them started getting fandoms of their own, with creators being treated with as much if not more respect than the film’s actual creators. I really don’t like the concept of fandom being a hierarchy; the entire point of fandoms for me is interacting with people on the same level as you. So I got the heck outta there. Who knows, though? Maybe the sequel coming out will bring the fandom back to life. And god, John Boyega looks fantastic.

That’s it for Top 5 Wednesday! Join me next week for… something I don’t know yet, because the GoodReads account hasn’t posted the list for June yet! So it’ll be a surprise for both of us! Toodles!

♥ Kell



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