Anyone else remember that song? Nah? Alright.

I skipped Top 5 Wednesday today for two reasons. One, and I make it a point never to lie, so this is just what I’m sayin’, I didn’t like the topic a whole lot and didn’t feel like writing about it. Hate-to-love ships? What does that even mean? I just don’t know.

The second reason is that the day after tomorrow I’m going on VACATION to Portland! Yes, that’s right, vacation. And so with that in mind, I will say that I intend to do a few blog posts about said vacation whilst I am on it, but there are some points we’re going to be camping, so probably not every single day. Still, I shall have many pictures to show you, plus the inevitable haul from Powell’s.

So that’s what’s happening. I haven’t forgotten about y’all, I’ve just been busy with work and getting ready for vacation and, admittedly, catching up on TV shows to relax in between. You guys watch American Gods, right? Shit, I hope so. And Preacher is back, so go watch that too. That’s your wisdom from Old Woman Kell for the week.

I hope to see you soon. If I don’t end up posting a lot of (or any) blogs, please do not be offended, it just means I’m a) having too much fun, or b) dead. That’s… that’s it. Those are the choices.

Until then!

♥ Kell



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