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I’m more than a little bit of a YouTube addict, but most of the people I watch are either makeup and fashion channels, dudes doing stupid stuff, a la Good Mythical Morning, or BookTubers, who, coincidentally, I get most of my book tags for this blog on.

I really love watching BookTubers, and honestly the entire reason I started this blog was because I really like and admired what BookTubers do but don’t really like making videos as a medium (not because I think I’m ugly or anything, I’m just better at writing). So this seemed like a nice compromise for myself.

But I thought, hey Kell, if you were inspired to make this blog by BookTubers,  how come you’ve never talked about any? Well, me, you make a fine point. So I think this post is long, long overdue.

So without further ado, let me tell you my favorite BookTubers to watch!

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TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Fandoms I’m No Longer In

Before I get started on this Top 5 Wednesday (something that’s going to become routine, by the way), I need to share some special news. Well, it’s probably not special to anyone but my boss, Jen, and I, but…



Listen, y’all. I normally avoid het romance like the dang plague. But Jen has talked this up to me so much that she made me shake like a nervous chihuahua waiting to get my hands on it. It’s about an aspiring web designer (Dimple) whose Indian parents have arranged her to meet Rishi, a respectable Indian boy they want her to marry. Dimple cringes at the idea of an arranged marriage, but Rishi is very into the idea of the tradition, and when his parents tell him he’s going to the same web developers’ camp as Dimple, with the intent of courting her, he’s excited as heck. The only problem is, while he knows their parents’ intent here, Dimple doesn’t until they meet.

POC romances are the only het I’ll read (hence why I enjoyed Everything, Everything), since it often seems to avoid the tropes that annoy me most about cishet romance, and this sounds cute as heck. So I’m extremely excited to start reading it. I’m strongly considering disappearing to the bathroom at work for ten minutes to read. They’ll think I’m pooping, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

ANYWAY. Yes. Top 5 Wednesday.

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DO I HAVE TO? Books/Series I’m Hesitant to Read

I’m an extremely picky reader. It’s not a secret. There are more than a few tropes I’ll outright refuse to read, and even het romance in general usually turns me off unless the relationship is untraditional in some way or another. Fantasy is another genre I’m quite picky about, since fantasy uses many of the same tropes over and over again without apology, and for some people, these tropes work and are enjoyable. Some people do genuinely like reading 15 different books about a main character who is Different Than The Rest and falls in love with another character who is Attractive But Brooding, and together they fight the White Queercoded Villain, and it usually takes three books to do it. And the last book is usually made into two movies. Sound familiar? It is.

I’m also notoriously averse to series, especially long ones. Trilogies I can sometimes swallow down if I like the plot enough, but I much prefer standalones. My reasoning has to do with variety; I don’t even like reading the same genre two books in a row, let alone hang out in the same world. Even if the characters are ones I love (like the cast of The Raven Cycle) I still need to take a break or I’ll just stop reading altogether.

So here I want to talk about books that I think I probably aught to read, for one reason or another, but that I’m hesitant to, for reasons that will be explained in more detail individually. This list in no way indicates that I don’t want to read them, it just means they’re far outside my comfort zone and I might need an extra push. If you see some of your favorites here, please don’t hesitate to let me know how much you love them and why! Inspire me to overcome my hesitation!

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